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Our Focus

Amand Ventures is an evergreen fund focusing on early stage startup investments. We offer support through a diverse range of solutions to empower and amplify the unique strengths of our partners. We believe in journeying together with our founders to fulfil goals and overcome adversities to learn, grow and surpass ambitions.
Early Stage

We offer a diverse range of support, advice and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs to meet their needs.


We believe in the use of technology to improve lives and provide solutions that better humanity.


We invest in the creation of new industries and disrupt existing ones, igniting new possibilities.


We have the means to create innovative sparks to illuminate global skies.

Our Impact

Our investment in entrepreneurs fuels the creation and advancement of ground-breaking innovation, new technologies and enhanced processes.

Our commitment to offering unwavering support and strength empowers our founders to achieve extraordinary growth and success.

Evergreen fund

We believe in embarking on a collaborative journey with our founders, providing a wealth of support and resources every step of the way to ensure the flourishing growth of their visionary projects.


Our extensive experience across diverse business fields serves as a trusted resource for guiding new entrepreneurs to explore new potential and provides the pathways to achieve greater heights.

Business Advisory

Our experienced and dedicated team is here to provide professional advice, guidance and actionable solutions, empowering our founders to overcome any challenges and dilemmas.

Network & Community

We offer a vibrant platform for the exchange of ideas, resources and the forging of collaborative partnerships. The synergistic outcomes are shared to benefit all members.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

Thomas Edison
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Our Portfolio

From revolutionizing finance and e-commerce to igniting transformative changes in education, health and travel, our strategically curated investment portfolios are dedicated to enhancing lives through the power of technological innovations.

Our Team

kevin foo - investment Committee member
Kevin Foo

Investment Committee Member

hirofumi takeda - venture partner
Hirofumi Takeda

Venture Partner

Our Co-Investors