About Us



We believe in providing startups
with a diverse range of solutions
to strengthen and empower their
unique strengths and qualities.

Enabling breakthroughs
in technology to overcome
the pain points of reality.

Amand Ventures was conceptualised in 2015 by a family business with roots in the sale and distribution of consumer discretionary products and property development. As a reminder of our entrepreneurial origins, the name Amand is derived from Saint Amand, the patron saint of innkeepers, brewers, wine makers and merchants.

We believe in investments that develop future generations of solutions and revolutionary breakthroughs. Our support emboldens the distinct and outstanding characteristics of each invested business. Through building a community of diverse and unique founders, we harness technology to create a brighter future for all.

The Community

We partner with future leaders who are distinct and exceptional in their realm of business. Our gathering of diverse and unique entities together facilitates mutual support and the exchange of resources and ideas. The alignment in kindred values and ambitions enables the generation of new collaboration and partnership opportunities within our electrifying and energising community.

Be part of our community of Tigers

Every founder supported by Amand embodies the spirit of an Amand Tiger, each inspiring with their unique personality, value, and significant contributions to humanity. Distinct and exceptional in their realm of business, each Tiger enriches Amand’s community of entrepreneurs.

Our Tiger community fosters mutual support, resource sharing, and alignment in shared values and ambitions.

Nurtured under Amand’s supportive environment, our Tigers flourish, generating new collaborations and partnerships within our vibrant and dynamic community. We invite all founders to bring their unique qualities and strengths, enriching our Tiger den with diverse resources and unparalleled opportunities.