Investment Thesis

We believe in ambitious founders who are driven to break new frontiers and disrupt existing industries through the use of technology.
Our investment strategy is based on consideration for detailed research and analysis as well as purposeful forecasts.

Using technology to ignite new discoveries

We value tech-based startups that look towards reimagining value and supply chain. Businesses that address larger global issues that deeply impact humanity’s future are our core focus.

Emerging areas of focus

With the emergence of robotics-on-demand in current times, areas in technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, IoT, Big Data and Deep Tech are but some areas that Amand is currently focusing on.

Sustainability and growth

Founders that are determined, earnest and driven towards steering ideas into execution are aligned with the values of Amand. Together, we want to journey with our founders collaboratively towards realising their desired goals and vision, while maintaining a healthy sense of sustainability, growth and profitability.

Sounds like a good fit?